Susan Miller: The Fashion World’s Astrologer

Susan Miller

For those employed in the fashion and entertainment world, Susan Miller requires no introduction. For the uninitiated, she’s an astrologer whose website,, is a must-visit for over 6.5 million visitors who visit it for her free monthly horoscopes. She’s prolific, she’s published nine books, presented at the Apple Store in SOHO, and has columns in 10 international fashion magazines, including Elle. For many, including this writer, Susan Miller’s almost a religion.

Designers, editors and producers, are among her biggest devotees. Emily Barnes, a stylist, recently told The Cut “I discovered her when I was shooting a campaign for Bloomingdales in New York. It was the 1st of the month, and the studio literally didn’t start shooting until they had read their Susan Miller”. Elle creator Joe Zee is also a huge fan; ” the thing with Susan’s astrological forecast is that the voice is very specifically hers. I can only suggest it to people. The fact that people are addicted – that’s all Susan”.

Susan’s predictions are so uncanny that many people actually wait to make major life decisions (myself included), or even plan a vacation, to see what Susan’s horoscope will say beforehand. Perhaps because the stigma once associated with astrology in general is melting away, it is becoming a common topic of discussion, with everyone asking “what is your rising sign?” (It is important to know yours). Miller says that around 73% of her readers went to college and graduate school, and 38% earn above $150 000.

Born to an Italian grocer and his wife in Manhattan, she had to be home schooled for much of her youth, due to a congenital defect she was born with. It was from her mother that she learned about astrology during her teens, and later on when she was attending NYU. Perhaps because of her early struggles with horrendous health issues, she comes across as gracious and unpretentious. She writes with a voice that is warm and relatable, and is also active on Twitter, where she regularly posts health updates, urges readers to subscribe to her apps, and posts prophetic warnings and congratulations to celebrities. While Miller does not give private readings, she says she loves Twitter, and will answer anyone’s questions “no matter if they have no followers or a thousand followers, I don’t even check!”

Susan Miller’s star continues to rise, with frequent interviews with bloggers, public appearances, a new TV show streaming on, and her special animated videos called Glamourscopes that she does for each sign. To learn more about her, or her current projects, click here.

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